8 Juli 2010

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When Chris was 15 his Uncle Angelo bought him a guitar. Chris began teaching himself how to play, but he didn't become serious about music until the very end of high school. He was too busy skateboarding.
Right after high school, Chris started playing with the Vacant Andys, his first serious band. After several years with the Vacant Andys and a one-album stint with The Agency, Chris went on to play with Further Seems Forever. While he was with FSF he started a solo side-gig and took a chance with an acoustic sound. Dashboard Confessional began when he recorded the Drowning EP for Fiddler Records.The name Dashboard Confessional comes from one of Chris' songs, "The Sharp Hint of New Tears". The line "On the way home, this car hears my confessions." made the phrase Dashboard Confessional pop into his head. Chris didn't want to name his new act after himself because right from the start he wanted his fans to sing along and be a part of his performance. He thought a solo name might discourage his audience from being an integral part of the show.

Dashboard fans have spread from Florida across the country and are growing every day. But Chris still appreciates the loyalty of his Florida fanbase who have been there for him since the Vacant Andys. Chris says "I think the kids in Florida are just different kinds of fans. They really support their bands. I'm one of those kids, so it's nice to see." But Chris also notes that in his recent tour, everywhere he went his audiences reminded him of home. " It seems that the rest of the country is taking a nod from the kids down here. On my last tour, kids treated me as if, literally, they're my buddies and they're rooting for me. And they really connected."
While the studio recordings of Dashboard Confessional have connected with fans across the country, the real Dashboard experience happens on the road. As Chris put it, "If you come to one of my shows, you're kind of expected to sing along as loud as I do, and it's just really like a team effort. It's almost organic how much the kids are involved. They are part of the band."
On The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, Chris got some musical help from his friends. The beautiful female voice heard on several tracks is that of Jolie Lindholm, lead singer of The Rocking Horse Winner. Dan Bonebrake who was in the Vacant Andys with Chris plays bass, and Mike Marsh from The Agency plays drums. Chris really appreciates that Dan and Mike are taking off their time from their band, Seville, to help him with his project, including joining him on tour.
Right now Chris is enjoying writing songs and touring, which is the best way he knows to thank his great fans.

CHRIS on his project album - DUSK AND SUMMER

Dusk and Summer (2005-2006)

In May 2005, Dashboard Confessional entered the studio to record their fourth album with acclaimed producer Daniel Lanois. The album was released on June 27, 2006; its first single was "Don't Wait". Following the release of Dusk and Summer, Dashboard Confessional went on a summer tour of the U.S. with special guests Say Anything and Ben Lee, followed by co-headlining an arena tour with alternative rock band Brand New.

CHRIS on his project album - ALTER THE ENDING

Alter the Ending (2009-Present)

The band began recording their sixth studio album, Alter the Ending, in 2008. Carrabba stated that the album could have turned into a concept album.

On February 14, 2009, as a special Valentine's Day gift to fans, Chris released a free download on his MySpace page entitled "Even Now (Acoustic)" fro

m their forthcoming studio album.

In June, 2009, the band began "sequencing the album", suggesting that the upcoming album was close to completion.[4]

In August 2009, Dashboard Confessional contributed a song to the motion picture soundtrack for dark comedy film Jennifer's Body, titled "Finishing Sc

hool".[5] It was not featured on Alter the Ending.

On September 10, 2009, Chris Carrabba confirmed on his Twitter page that the new 12-song album would be released on November 10, 2009. It was found out that the album would be released on 2 discs: a first disc consisting of the full-band version of the album, and a second disc consisting of the acoustic version. In addition, Car

rabba stated that Dashboard Confessional would be touring with New Found Glory and Never Shout Never in the near future.[6][7]

However, on October 30, 2009, Chris announced via Twitter and Facebook that, due to a last-minute family emergency, the band would be cancelling their Alter The Ending tour with New Found Glory and Never Shout Never with the exception of November 7 with the Louisville Orchestra.

Although the longer tour with New Found Glory and Never Shout Never was cancelled, Chris announced on his website on November 10, 2009 that he and John will begin a 13-date acoustic tour with New Found Glory (who will be playing an acoustic set as well) on November 30, 2009.

The music video for "Belle of the Boulevard" w

as released on the band's MySpace page on November 25, 2009.

Rolling stone gave the album 4 out of 5 stars. "Ending is a return to full-bore rock after the mellow Shade of Poison..."

The band has been performing as the opening act for the Bon Jovi Circle Tour in 2010.

CHRIS performance!

CHRIS live concert in jakarta!

Jakarta - Sorak-sorai ribuan orang yang membanjiri Lapangan D Senayan, menyambut band Dashboard Confessional dalam acara POND'S Teens Concert, Sabtu malam(29/5/2010). Band yang telah menelurkan tujuh buah album itu terlihat 'cantik' di atas panggung.

Band asal Florida, Amerika Serikat, membuka penampilannya dengan hitsnya 'Don't Wait' dan langsung mengguncang lapangan D, Senayan. Setelah menyanyikan lagu pembuka, sang vokalis, Chris Carrabba tidak lupa menyapa sekitar lima ribu orang yang memadati konser tersebut.

Setelah mendapatkan respon yang sangat positif di konser perdanya di Indonesia dan Asia Tenggara, band yang di gawangi oleh Chris Carrabba (Vokal,Gitar), John Leffer (Gitar), Scott Shoenbeck (Bass) dan Mike Marsh (Drums) itu, tidak berhenti memuji penonton.

"Terima kasih telah mengundang kami, kalian sangat cantik," ujar Chirs disela-sela konsernya.

Band yang telah menelurkan tujuh buah album itu terlihat 'cantik' di atas panggung. Hal itu pun ditunjang penampilan panggung yang telah tertata dengan baik, baik sound yang dipakai ataupun tata panggungnya itu sendiri. Penampilan Band yang terbentuk atas project solo sang vokalis, Chris Carrabba itu, terasa semakin 'cantik' ketika para penontonnya tidak berhenti menyanyikan setiap lirik.

Penampilan band yang mendapatkan penghargaan di MTV Video Music Award 2002 itu, berdurasi 90 menit, dengan 19 lagu yang dibawakan. Hits-hits seperti 'Stolen','Screaming Infidelities','The Swiss Army Romance','Saint and Sailor' dan hits teranyarnya 'Belle of The Boulevard'. Saat membawakan hits teranyar itu, Chris pun mempertontonkan kebolehannya bermain keyboard. Selain membawakan hits-hitsnya, band yang pernah mengisi original soundtrack 'Spiderman 2' dan 'Sherk 2' itu,juga membawakan 'El Scorcho' hits band asal Amerika Serikat, Weezer.
"Saya tidak bisa melihat berapa banyak orang datang di konser ini, tapi mari kita bernyanyi bersama dengan hati," ujar Chris.

Dashboard Confessional ingin memberikan kenangan manis di konser perdananya itu, band yang pernah merilis album Unplugged pada 2002 itu, berfoto dengan surat dari fans mereka yang berbentuk manusia dengan latar belakang ribuan penonton.

Penampilan Dashboard Confessional di POND'S Teens Concert ditutup dengan hits lawas mereka 'Hands Down' dan langsung dengan kemeriahan kembang api. Dalam POND'S Teens Concert, dimeriahkan oleh penampilan band-band lain seperti Nidji, Kotak, Zigaz The Cangcuters, The Sigit dan Efek Rumah Kaca.